Mesh cleaning systems



Cleaning systems are used to prevent the circular screen sieving meshes from getting clogged, thus allowing to always exploit their full potential.

Different technical functions allow us to associate the screen to be treated with the most appropriate system: ball-, kleener- or brush-based.


The Erisonic ultrasonic system enables to sift very fine materials, difficult to separate using meshes up to 25 micron. The classical mechanical self-cleaning systems are not always sufficient to keep the mesh clean when sifting specific products, unlike ultrasounds that with their vibrations guarantee a complete cleaning, a greater capacity of the sieve, and an increase in productivity. Contact us to receive the full list of Erimaki sifters which can be implemented with the ulstrasonic system and related sieving screen dimensions.


The ball system, particularly suitable for the tumbler screen, exploits the action of small balls, housed in a gap between the sieving mesh and the support mesh, connected for this purpose. Ball rebounding frees holes from any obstructions.


The kleener system, particularly suitable vibrating screens, exploits the scraping action of small cilinders, housed in a gap between the sieving mesh and a drilled sheet, installed to perform the operation. The cilinders vibrate and scrap the mesh holes, freeing them from any obstructions.


The brush system, it too suitable for vibrating screens, exploits the vibration to spin brush sets installed on a special frame, overlapping the mesh. The brushes spin and free holes from any obstructions.












For more details please download the technical data sheet.



  • Circular vibrating screen
  • Direct discharge screen with one side motor
  • Direct discharge screen with two side motors
  • Direct discharge screen with central motor
  • Tumbling screen
  • Trommel