Circular vibrating screen



Companies increasingly need to treat their products, to ensure perfect quality. With its circular vibrating screens, ERIMAKI allows to meet this need.

Thanks to the simple adjustment of counterweights on the motor axis and to the three-dimensional vibration they generate, our circular vibrating screens allow to sieve, classify, dedust and filter a very wide range of products, achieving good results even with fine products.

The vibrating motion of the screen runs both horizontally and vertically and can be adjusted in both directions. The distinguishing feature of the ERIMAKI vibrating screen is the possibility to easily and quickly alter the vibrating movement and, as a consequence, the behaviour of the material to be sieved. By installing an inverter, besides, you can also change the vibration speed. This provides great flexibility of use, with both solid and liquid products.

The ERIMAKI vibrating screens require no special installation structures, as the upper section transmits no vibration to the base, which as a consequence may even be equipped with wheels.

Thanks to the simplicity of their design, besides, the vibrating screens can also be disassembled very quickly for cleaning or mesh replacement.

On each vibrating screen you can install 1 to 4 separation stages, thus getting from 2 to 5 product fractions.

The screen may be made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and equipped with different optional accessories.

The ERIMAKI  vibrating screens provide good results and are easy to use, at truly competitive costs. The wide range of models (from Ø 400 to Ø 2200 mm) can meet any type of requirement.

Besides manufacturing and selling screens and circular vibrating screens, sieves and electrical sieving machines, rotary separators and static separators, tumbler screens and direct discharge screens, our company also offers a sieving trial at our in-house laboratory. As an alternative it provides prospective customers with trial equipment, directly at their premises.












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  • Solid and liquid materials


Straight-line distribution

Normal spiral distribution

Various spiral distribution

Centripetal spiral distribution



Self-cleaning ball system

It frees the sieving mesh from obstructions

Self-cleaning kleener system

It frees the sieving mesh from obstructions

Self-cleaning brush system

It frees the sieving mesh from obstructions


It is installed to prevent dust dispersion into the environment


Opening ranging between 25 microns and 30 mm




Circular vibrating screen.


Calcium carbonate sieving tests